Lab Synthesis Sorb is made of natural calcium alginate fibers. In contact with wound exudates, the calcium ion in alginate fibers exchanges with the sodium ion in the exudates and creates a gel which adapts perfectly well to the wound. The gel is able to stop bleedings, donate moisture and absorb wound exudate.
It creates a moist wound environment which promotes the natural healing process.

Lab Synthesis sorb does not adhere to the wound and therefore does not cause any trauma to the patient when changing the dressing. It can be removed without leaving any residue.
This product needs an adequate secondary dressing.

Lab Synthesis Sorb Tamponade 2,7x34cm

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  • Ideal for wound cavities.
     Moderate to heavily exuding wounds
     Pressure ulcers
     Diabetic ulcers
     Ulcus Cruris of various origin
     Split skin graft donor sites
     Post‐operative wounds