Lab Synthesis foam is a non-adhesive foam dressing of polyure-thane with a semi-permeable surface. This surface is per-meable to gas but not to liquids and bacteria. Lab Synthesis foam-maintains a moist environment to enhance the natural healing process. To be used during the granulation phase and for secretion absorption.
The absorbent layer transfers exudates away from the wound and captures it without leaks or meltdown. The foam layer supports a high evaporation rate and cushions the wound. The dressing does not adhere to the wound, thereby reducing any pain associated with dressing removal preventing trauma to newly formed tissue. It has to be fixed with an appropriate secondary dressing

Lab Synthesis Foam 15 x 15cm

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  •  moderate to highly exuding wounds
     up to burns degree 2
     traumatic wounds
     skin donor sites
     decubitus
     ulcus cruris
     diabetic foot ulcers
    Advantages of TRIGOfoam:
     high absorption capacity
     does not adhere to the wound
     atraumatic dressing change
     ideal moist wound environment
     bacteria- and moisture-resistant, but gas-permeable